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Meet WaterPearls

WaterPearls is the result of 25 years of pioneering research. With the goal of providing a robust, sustainable and natural means to enhance crop productivity and increase water efficiency, we found the answer in the engineering of a proprietary, organic diblock-polymer bead.

The called the WaterPearl, is a patented technology, completely inert and long lasting, with innate super hydrophobic characteristics that are key to applications throughout the cultivation process.

WaterPearls are the size of small grapes, UV biodegradable, inert and made of organic compounds, mainly simple sugar.

Green Leaf Nature Based solution

A Nature-Based Biomimicry Solution

Biological models like the lotus leaf served as an inspiration for the development of technical SUPERHYDROPHOBIC materials

White lotus in a lake

Optimal surface structure and wetting behavior of water drop shape to create a  SUPERHYDROPHOBIC surface generates contact angle

water surface
WaterPearls water drop

The technology functions according to the principles of surface morphology, in which the WaterPearls' surface replicates that of the lotus leaf. The geometry is designed for optimal surface wetting behavior.

Water drop shape and microscopic bumps on WaterPearls transform them into an extremely water repellent, SUPERHYDROPHOBIC material.

It also incorporates quantum mechanics at the atomic level. All of these features result in a stable surface thermodynamic behavior, that will constantly reproduce the same performance levels without any drop in efficiency. 


Efficient irrigation

Eliminate Evaporation from evapotranspiration

Transpiration is a driving force in a plant’s lifecycle. When irrigating a crop, excess water is allotted to it in order to ensure maximum humidity content in the soil. Surface level water evaporation poses multiple threats to an efficient growth:

  • As water evaporates from the soil nearing the surface, the plant must expend extra energy growing root systems deeper into the soil in order to nourish itself.

  • Water vapor produced as a result of this increases the surrounding humidity in the air and will increase transmission of disease to neighboring plants especially in greenhouses.

  • That water vapor acts as a greenhouse gas, carrying heat into the upper troposphere and upon condensation it returns to the earth as rain at a different location, not recharging the water table from where it came. These effects are especially pronounced in arid climates. 


More Crop per Drop

​By planting a crop with a layer of "Water Pearls" on the soil surface, a water permeable, breathable barrier is created that dramatically reduces water evaporation losses (in excess of 85%). That allows the plant to nourish itself more efficiently with a smaller root system, and the biomass normally associated with root growth is instead diverted towards above ground-level growth.

WaterPearls reduce water consumption between 30-50% by limiting the effects of evaporation coupled with a 20-30% increase in plant yield translates directly into a peerless efficiency in management of freshwater resources in agriculture.

As a result, using the WaterPearls as an evaporation barrier results in "more crop per drop of water".

Plant Nursery

Crop Health

No algae and weed growth

The WaterPearl’s organic surface chemistry affords it a great advantage: by creating a surface level layer of beads, the plant and soil are protected from algae and weed growth, and the layer acts as a deterrent to some microbial pests. 

Salt Exfiltration

This protective layer of WaterPearls also plays a key role in the process of drip irrigation with brackish water through the leeching method. Salts in soils move in the direction of waterflow, which is directed towards exposed evaporative surfaces. As such, the protective cover of WaterPearls creates a perimeter that draws salts outwards away from the root system of the plant. 

Sustainable return

With a lifespan of 50 years, WaterPearls have a strong impact on Return on Investment:

  • Reduce nutrient use by up to 20%

  • Increase yield by up to 30%

  • Reduce energy cost for water pumping by up to 60%

pearl pile 1.png

WaterPearls properties

  • WaterPearls can be washed, steam cleaned and sterilized without any potential impact on performance
  • PH range: 1.0 – 11.5
  • Superhydrophobic
  • Inert to salts
  • No leaching migrants above minimum threshold of FAO or Canadian standards for irrigation water
  • Operational life exceeds 50 years
  • An integrated U.V. bio-degradation triggered mechanism is integrated in the water pearl to avoid being a P.O.P (Persistent Organic Pollutant)
  • Bulk Density :120 kgs/m3 

Want to learn more WaterPearls?

Get in touch, and we can talk about what your crop needs.

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