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Water Reservoir

Reservoir covers

Reservoir evaporative loss is equivalent to 20%
of the global annual consumption of water

reservoir with WaterPearls evaporation cover

How it works

WaterPearls, a drop it and forget it solution:

  1. Thousands of WaterPearls are inserted in 45cm x 100cm mesh mats in options of 2 to 4 layers.

  2. WaterPearls Mats are installed on the reservoir forming a complete cover.


Just like a lotus leaf, the WaterPearls repel water.

Reservoir cover WaterPearls


  • Reduce water evaporation by 77% to 98% depending on the number of layers of WaterPearls in the mats

  • Prevent algae formation

  • Prevent formation of bromate, a carcinogenic chemical

  • Insulates the water body

  • White colored to increase the surface albedo to reflect LWIR outwards

White WaterPearls


  • 50 years lifespan

  • Mats are permeable to water – rain flows trough 

  • Mats are permeable to air – avoid oxygen depletion in reservoir

  • Floats and stays in place in the reservoir

  • Non porous to prevent absorption of water in the WaterPearls and harbouring of bacteria

  • Very low production water footprint in comparison with shade balls.

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