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Grape vines

WaterPearls are great in vineyards to protect roots against excessive moist

Grape Vines

How it works

WaterPearls, a drop it and forget it solution:

  1. Thousands of WaterPearls are inserted in mats

  2. Mats are laid on the ground over or under irrigation lines and secured with pegs 

  3. Workers can walk on them with ease

WaterPearls with water drop


  • Reduce water input by up to 50%

  • Increase yield by up to 30% by shifting evaporation to evapotranspiration 

  • Reduce nutrient input by keeping soil at optimal moisture level

  • Eliminate use of herbicides or crop cover maintenance by creating an air and water permeable cover

  • Increases agricultural productivity of rain-fed land closer to that of irrigated land

Grapes in hands


  • Facilitate transition to organic

  • No maintenance or upkeep for up to 50 years

  • Reduce water pumping costs for irrigated orchards

  • Improved soil health and biota

  • Improved resilience to climate change and extreme weather events

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