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Tree seedlings production

Reduce production time of tree seedlings
by up to 6 times

Tree seedlings with WaterPearls

How it works

  • A few WaterPearls are added on top of the soil of each seedling, replacing granular silica

  • WaterPearls protect seedlings during transportation by keeping the soil moist

  • WaterPearls can be used as tags in the field for MRV

WaterPearls with water droplet


  • Pine seedlings can be produced in 6 months by:

    • Reducing abiotic stress (stabilizing the soil humidity level) of the tree seedlings

    • Shifting evaporation from the soil to transpiration from the plant, stimulating photosynthesis and thus biomass production = tree seedling is growing faster

    • Promoting a healthy biota of soil for maximum nutrient uptake

  • Reduce water input by up to 50%

  • Reduce nutrient input by maximizing nutrient use efficiency

Quiet Forest reforestation


  • Increased turnover in tree nurseries

  • Higher survival rate both in nurseries and during transportation

  • Sustainable transition to organic cultivation

    Improved soil health and biota

  • WaterPearls can be used as tags in the field for MRV

  • Ease the implementation of plantation pledges

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