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About Us

RHST, the company behind WaterPearls

RHST Industries, founded in 2001 by Thomas Gradek, is a Canadian company 

that has developed a disruptive NATURE-BASED SOLUTION technology that directly impacts sustainable and resilient agriculture by addressing and alleviating the current and increasing challenges related to climate change and freshwater scarcity.



Our Story

RHST INDUSTRIES,founded in 2001, has developed and patented the WaterPearls, which improves the performance of all agricultural systems. 360 million WaterPearls have been sold to projects in five countries, with 360,000 sq. ft. of area already covered with Waterpearls saving up to 10 million liters of water.

Trial projects in China, South Africa, Jordan, USA and Canada have been underway since 2016.

Partnership with UC Davis, NAIT are currently established.

Contact Us

RHST Industries

366 rue de la Roseraie

Rosemere, Quebec

J7A 4N2 

T:  1-514-867-4646

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