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Outdoor potted crop small plants

Outdoor potted crops

WaterPearls can be used in a variety of potted crops, like berries, sapplings, vines and climbing plants.

Outdoor potted crop with WaterPearls

How it works

WaterPearls, a drop it and forget it solution:

  1. WaterPearls are inserted in mesh envelopes to cover the topsoil.

  2. Irrigation drippers are attached to the mesh

  3. Water will infiltrate into the pot

  4. No evaporation loss

WaterPearls with water droplet


  • Increase yield by up to 30% by shifting evaporation to transpiration

  • Increase nutrient use efficiency by keeping soil at optimal moisture level

  • Eliminate use of herbicides by preventing pollen from germination

Outdoor potted plants


  • Facilitate transition to organic

  • No maintenance or upkeep for up to 50 years

  • Reduce water pumping costs

  • Improved soil health and biota

  • Improved resilience to climate change

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