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Solving the water crisis
one WaterPearls at a time

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Agriculture consumes 70% of world's fresh water

Agriculture consumes 70% of the world's fresh water!

30% to 50% of the water is lost to evaporation

But 30% to 50% of this precious water is lost to evaporation

Nature based solution
Look at these perfect pearls of water on this lotus leaf
This leaf is super-hydrophobic, which means it naturally repels water
Our WaterPearls mimic the lotus leaf  to turn evaporation into water droplets and send it into the ground, where we need it most.

WaterPearls change the economics of agriculture

In the past, if you wanted to grow more, you needed more water, fertilizer, labor or land. WaterPearls is about reversing this age-old relationship between cost and output.

WaterPearls prevent evaporation, reduce water input by up to 50%, keep the soil moist for optimal nutrient use, are almost maintenance-free and last for 50 years!

More crop per drop!

Agriculture applications

Discover how WaterPearls  perform in different fields with great benefits:

  • Reduce water input by up to 50% ( irrigation water and energy savings)

  • Reduce inputs (nutrients, herbicides, pesticides)

  • Increase plant yield by 20-30%

  • Increased soil and plant health

  • Exfiltrate salt of root zone (where applicable)

  • Adapt to climate change with competitive ROI and contributions to UN SDGs

Perennials crops

fruits and nut trees
grapes vines
potted crops

Greenhouse crops

controlled environment agriculture
tree seedlings in greenhouse

Click on preferred application to know more!

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Other applications

The unique characteristics of WaterPearls make them suitable for a large array of applications

stormwater infrastructures
  • Retrofit solution

  • Remove hydrocarbons from the flow

  • Increase water capacity of catchment basins

water reservoir cover
  • Reduce evaporation from 63% to 98%

  • Long-term floating cover

  • Very low maintenance

  • No leachate impact

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